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Stichting Vervoeradres

Foundation Vervoeradres

Introduction to the Stichting Vervoeradres

The Stichting Vervoeradres (Foundation Vervoeradres) was founded in 1946 by associations for businesses with a logistical or an international interest, on behalf of shippers and road carriers and inland navigation.

Stichting Vervoeradres facilitates the logistics chain with widely accepted bilateral general terms and conditions (such as the Algemene Vervoerscondities - AVC 2002). Key factor to this is the principle of a well-balanced distribution of risks, sectoral acceptance and transparency regarding the legal status both of the sender (shipper), the logistics service provider and the consignee.

Also the Stichting Vervoeradres is publisher of the magazine Weg en Wagen. In this magazine legal experts write articles concerning transport law, customs law and other legal subjects regarding logistic and transport activities. The special magazine on eCMR was translated in English.


Members of the board are appointed by the founding organisations. evofenedex represents shipping companies, TLN respresents way transport companies, CBRB and BLN/Schuttevaer represent the inland water transport companies.

Secretary General

Mrs. Shula Stibbe is Secretary General in charge.

Mission statement

The Foundation Vervoeradres supports the common interest of shippers and carriers on issues of private law and public law. The foundation is independent and impartial. Members of the board are appointed by evofenedex, TLN and CBRB together with Koninklijke BLN-Schuttevaer.

  1. Legal support by offering standard consignment notes - both on paper and digital - and by offering general terms and conditions.
  2. Standard consignment notes and standard terms and conditions decreases the number of conflicts over the execution of logistic contracts.
  3. Standards prevent legal non-compliance.

Two working party advise the board of the foundation on the standard consignment note, the terms and conditions (AVC 2002), and the terms and conditions for specific market sectors. 

Lawyers of evofenedex, TLN, CBRB and BLN/Schuttevaer participate in the Legal Committee. The bureau is headed by the Secretary General.

Dispute resolution

UNUM Arbitration and Mediation Foundation was founded in 1988. The foundation offers a platform for conducting professional arbitration proceedings  and mediation in the areas of transport, storage, logistics,  shipping, shipbuilding, and international trade. With expert arbitrators and modern arbitration rules, the foundation can rightly lay claim to being the leading Dutch Maritime Arbitration Association.For more information 

Stichting Vervoeradres and UNUM cooperate closely. The Secretary-General represents Stichting Vervoeradres in  the board of the UNUM foundation. In this way the interests of the road haulage and logistics services are taken care of.